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Whether you need a 60” LCD, an 8 foot tripod screen with a projector, or a 20,000 lumen projector and a 30 foot lace and grommet screen, we can provide your Las Vegas projector rentals at unbeatable prices. We rent only the highest quality projectors from Infocus, Epson, Christie, ELMO, Samsung, Eiki, Panasonic and more. 2700-20,000 Lumens, your projector rental(s) needs are met and projection expectation exceeded.

We will provide the perfect projection screen for your event. We have, Fast-Fold screens, Truss Frame Screens, Tripod Screens, and the Staging & Lighting to make your event look it’s best.

We can fulfill your projection and LCD/Plasma rental needs. Call 702-400-7785 or Email us with any projection questions you may have.


projector screen rental
projector rental
= $169!

Shop around all you like! You will not beat this deal GUARANTEED!

4’, 5’, or 6’ Tripod Screen with 3000 Lumen Projector, great for your smaller meeting or event for just $169. Includes cables for laptop!

Tripod Screen
epson projector rental
= $189!

7’ or 8’ Tripod Screen with 3500 Lumen Projector, perfect for groups up to 100 in Las Vegas or Henderson for $189. Includes cables for laptop!

We also offer delivery and professional setup, anywhere in Las Vegas or Henderson at very reasonable rates.

Please mention the online special when you call 702-400-7785 to book.

*Discount subject to availability. Please book your projector rentals asap! Projector rentals are by appointment only!

Need help? Check out our Projection Screen Selection Guide


We carry projection screens in many sizes and formats.

4’ 5’ 6’ 7’ and 8’ Tripod Screens (front projection)

6’x8’ Fast-Fold Screen (front or rear projection)

7x10.5’ Fast-Fold Screen (front or rear projection)

9‘x12’ Fast-Fold Screen (front or rear projection)

9‘x12’ Truss Screen (front or rear Projection)

10.5‘x14’ Fast-Fold Screen (front or rear projection)

9x16’ AV Stumpfl (front or rear projection)

10‘x17.5’ Truss Screen (front or rear Projection)

12’ Outdoor widescreen Inflatable screen (front projection only)

Lace & Grommet Screens at 30’ and beyond.

We carry widescreen (HDTV 16:9,) projection screens in many sizes, available with front and rear projection mattes. Other screen formats available on request.


1080p LCD and LED screens from 30 to 80 inches available for daily and weekly rental.

NOT SURE WHAT YOU NEED? Call us and we can help. 702-400-7785

Otherwise, here is a guide that will help you pick the best projection screen for your event.

“EAV provided an awesome projection screen and projector for our event. If you need to rent a projection screen in Las Vegas, EAV is all you’ll ever need.”

  1. -Jake Sully

  2. -Comcast - Las Vegas

“We used EAV for our Superbowl party. The projection screen was HUGE and the projector provided a bright and clear picture, even with direct sunlight in the room. I would definitely recommend EAV for anyone who needs a projection or sound system. With the combination of EAV’s projection screen, projector, and powerful sound system, I can say with high confidence that we had one of the best Super Bowl parties in Las Vegas!”

  1. -Louis

  2. -Owner - Lahaina Grill - Las Vegas


I want to rent a projector - what do I do?

Simply email your name, address, delivery address, phone number, event date, and let us know if you need a screen or sound system.


If you need the projector today - Call 702-400-7785.  If we are not in the office - calls get forwarded to a real live person.


We will email an agreement to you (usually within 30 minutes) for review.


No need to sign at this time - we will have it for you to sign when we deliver.


Can I get a projector last minute on weekends or evenings?

Most of the times yes.  Just call us at 702-400-7785. Calls are answered by a real live person.



How bright are the projectors?

Our most affordable projector rental is 3000 lumens, which, on a screen up to 12 feet is very bright.  Our projectors will display in a lit room as long as there is no direct light shining on the screen.  If you are projecting outside, dusk is a good time to start.


Do the projectors have sound/speakers?

Some do, some don't.  But either way do NOT rely on the projectors audio.  If you are planning to watch video or games, you will need some other device for sound (ie. receiver w/speakers, amplified speakers, laptop speakers).  We have amplified speakers for rent.


What can the projector display?

  1. Movies (Blu-ray, DVD, VHS Player or computer)

  2. TV (cable box, VHS)

  3. Computer Presentations (ie. Powerpoint)

  4. Gaming Systems (ie. Xbox, PS2, PS3, Wii)

  5. Slide Shows (computer, DVD Player)

What devices can I connect to the projectors?

  1. DVD/Blu-ray Player

  2. Cable box

  3. VHS Player

  4. Computer (desktop or laptop) (Mac's or PC's)

  5. Gaming Systems (PS2, PS3, Xbox, Wii)

All of our projectors have RCA composite video in and RGB/VGA video in.  We supply a 6 foot RCA cable and a 6 foot VGA cable.


Can I use a Mac laptop?

Yes.  We have the adapters needed to use Mac laptops available for only $5 but please specify when ordering your projector.


How far away from the screen does the projector need to be?

For projection screens up to 8’, anywhere from 8 to 12 feet. For a 6'x8' image on a screen expect to have the projector about 10-12 feet away.


I'm not very good at hooking stuff up - is it hard?

No the projectors are very easy to use. 


There are just two cords:

1. input from the source to the projector

2. the power cord for the projector.

We will show you how to use the projector - or we can set it up for you if you want it delivered.  We supply all cables (within 4 feet of the projector).

BOOK YOUR PROJECTOR RENTAL ASAP to insure availability. Call us at 702-400-7785.

Projector rentals are by appointment only!


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